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What to expect during your visit


We've all been affected in one way or another by the unfortunate circumstances created by COVID-19. Your health is extremely important and if we all play our part we can get through this together. With that being said, MASKS must be worn at all times while inside the salon. All tools and equipment are wiped, cleaned, and sanitized after every client. There is a sink available for hand washing as well as complimentary hand sanitizer. If you're feeling sick, have any symptoms, or think you may have been exposed to someone who has COVID please call at your earliest convinience to cancel your appointment.

Why can't I book in advance? Are you really booked for the rest of the year?

NO. I am not booked for the entire year. I only book ONE month at a time to give everyone the same amount of booking time. The next month's calendar will open on the SAME DAY EVERY MONTH, the 22ND OF THE MONTH, 10:00AM. If you book ahead the appointment will be deleted.

Are you still using capes for clients?

Unfortunately not. To avoid the spread of germs I have decided to stop the use of capes. With that being said please dress comfortable and wear clothes that you wouldn't mind if hair, product, etc. were to get on them.

What form of payments do you accept?

I ONLY accept cash and debit/credit. I can manually or physically swipe your card. NO forms of e-payments are allowed at this time. This includes Zelle, CashApp, Apple Pay, PayPal and any other forms of e-payments.

My babysitter cancelled at the last minute. Can I bring my child with me to my appointment.

No. Please do not bring any children of any age with you to your appointment.

Can I bring someone with me to my appointment?

It is important that you come alone to your appointment. The salon is a small, intimate, safe space and seating is very limited. Also, keeping visitors at a minimum can help reduce the spread of COVID.

Do you service kids?

No. I no longer offer service to children. Currently only servicing kids ages 13 years and up.

Can I eat in the salon?

Absolutely. More than likely you'll be there for several hours and thats enough time to work up an appetite. There is complimentary water, small snacks available and a few local restaurants that deliver to our area.

Do you provide the hair.

Yes. I provide braiding hair for all braided hairstyles. However, I do not provide crochet hair. There are far too many curl patterns, textures, and brands to be able to accommodate everyone's preferences.

How do I maintain my hair?

Every style is different. Generally you want to be sure to wrap it in a silk/satin bonnet or scarf while you sleep or engage in physical activities. Keep it moisturized by applying oil using a dropper, spray bottle or applicator tip.

What happens if I do not show up for my appointment?

I don’t require a deposit as a courtesy and easy booking for everyone. With that being said all appointments are held under the assumption that you will show up. If you need to cancel that’s understandable, please see the cancellation policy. However, if you just simply do not show up you lose the opportunity to rebook. I enforce a strict  NO CALL, NO SHOW, NO RESCHEDULE policy.

First time clients

If you are a first time client and have any breakage and or thinning please text 847-800-0871 for a phone consultation to be sure that you can get get the desired style

What if I change my mind about my style, hair color, or wanting a wash service?

If you decide to change your hairstyle it should fall within the same time frame. Please text 847-800-0871 to make sure the style change will work out for timing reasons. If you decide to change your hair color I may not always be able to accommodate color changes. I buy hair in bulk and in advance so try to be sure about what you'd like when you fill out your booking form. As always, ill try my best to get you your preferences. If you select "no" for a wash and later decide that you'd actually like to receive the service please text ahead of time to be sure that I will have the time to fit the service in.


Do you provide wash service?
Hair washing is available for a $10 service fee. However, it is included in loc retwist and kids service

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