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Just let me put the tip in...

The braid tip! Omg! Thats what I've been doing all quarantine 2020. Offering unscolicited hair advice to my Facebook friends. But check this out, one of those braid posts went viral. Whew, Chile! 1500 friend requests later and here we are. That post reignighted my passion. For real. I was comfy. In one of those "if it aint broke don't fix it" state of minds. And then the idea was presented to me to redo the website. I can't even lie, I never even entertained the thought. Again, here we are. That suggestion led to a million other thoughts and ideas. I got creative. I got motivated. And most importantly, I got busy. I hope you enjoy the new site, the new styles I have in mind, and the new braid tips. Stay healthy, happy, and cute!

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